Research and Development

Lymphact relies on constant innovation and knowledge creation. Intelectual property is one of our most valued assets, and, thus, Research and Development is a cornerstone for our company.

Afonso Almeida
Afonso Almeida, PhD
Dr. Afonso Almeida is currently responsible for animal model development and general pre-clinical research. Afonso initiated his career performing his PhD work on T-cell homeostasis at the Pasteur Institute in France. He first designed a novel mouse model in order to determine the impact of thymic T-cell export on T-cell population sizes (2001). Then, he provided crucial contribution in regulatory T-cell resurgence, demonstrating the role of IL2 in CD4+CD25+ Treg homeostasis. Afterwards, Afonso moved to the Institute for Research in Biomedicine, in Switzerland, where he would establish his own line of research studying CD4/CD8 T-cell interactions upon adoptive transfer into immunodeficient hosts and also initiate studies on tumour T-cell immunotherapy, using adoptively transferred TCR TG CD8+ T-cells. He later moved to the Instituto de Medicina Molecular, in Lisbon, to study the completely novel role of neurotrophic factors in T-cell development and function. He joined Lymphact in order to apply his vast experience in adoptive T-cell transfer and advanced mouse models in the development of the DOT-Cells®.